Podere Montalto

Farm activities

The Valdicecina agricultural company is an agricultural company with a forage and cereal vocation and dedicated to the production of Tuscan IGP olive oil.

Podere Montalto is surrounded by 23 hectares of arable land whose crops vary and alternate from year to year according to the biological tradition in full respect of the natural rhythms of time and production.

The company has several olive trees in production, partly located in the immediate vicinity of the farmhouse and partly in the municipalities of Guardistallo and Casale Marittimo where it is also dedicated to the breeding of the Cinta Senese, an ancient Tuscan pig breed that in the past risked the extinction and which, thanks to the skilful work of the few breeders and the breed consortium, has regained vigor in recent years.

Around the farmhouse there are about a hundred olive trees in production and the guests are welcome to participate in the harvest which is generally carried out in October and November of each year.

Do not miss the experience of "accompanying" the olives to the mill to see the pressing and taste the very first and pressed oil, .. this fantastic nectar that nature gives us.

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